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YouTube CEO Interviews

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Florian Munsch

Editor, CEO

​​​Florian Munsch is passionate about finding the best Investment opportunities for himself and his readers. Since early 2015, when he started seeing a contrarian opportunity in the natural resources space, he ​​​proved great ​commitment ​by ​​investing most of his private money into companies covered on his website - both in private placements and buying in the open market.

​​He holds a Master of Science (M.Sc.) degree from the ​Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster, Germany, holds the CFA Institute's Investment Foundations certificate and ​did​​additional training about the mining business online at Australia's Curtin University.

As an accredited international ​journalist he frequently ​visits ​investment conferences and natural resources projects around the world.

​Florian and his team regularly publish investment ​ideas for German, Austrian and Swiss investors on www.goldgeldwelt.de and on the goldgeldwelt YouTube channel.


Online marketing in German

Is the value of your company fully recognized by investors? Would you like to have more access to the European market and raise investor's awareness for your unique investment opportunity?

​​is one of the ​leading ​European ​IR/PR Online Marketing ​provider ​- with services ranging from article & newsletter coverage to high quality video produc​tions, including multi-camera interviews and ​impressive drone videos​.

​"Offline" marketing in Europe

​In case you are interested in meeting investors personally at roadshows in different cities all over Europe, doing conference calls on the phone or presenting your company on ​stage:

We are very happy to connect you with our ​​expert IR/PR-network in europe, ​irrespectively of ​your interest in our own services. Just contact us via email to info[at]goldgeldwelt.de, we are happy to help!

​Work samples: Articles for clients

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​Online IR/PR ​packages

​​​If you ​are - like many other companies ​- ​interested in online marketing your story ​to German and Swiss Investors​...

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  • Article coverage ​over the course of 1 year.


  • Article coverage ​over the course of 1 year.
  • ​Facebook co-publishing.
  • ​Emails to newsletter subscibers.
  • ​Premium sponsoring​: Your logo displayed and linked on every article page on goldgeldwelt.de


  • Article coverage ​over the course of 1 year.
  • ​Facebook co-publishing.
  • ​Emails to newsletter subscibers.
  • Premium sponsoring: Your logo displayed and linked on every article page on goldgeldwelt.de
  • ​CEO/Management Video Interview (filmed + edited + published + distributed)
  • ​Company sitevisit video (filmed + edited + published + distributed) including multiple interviews and ​high quality video-drone flights on your property

​​​​​​​Sounds great​!

Learn more about why existing clients are so happy with our publishing services, get information about the package pricing and tell Florian ​what your company​ is about and what ​you are trying to achieve. 

As a well-connected Investor in the industry, Florian might already ​have heard about your stock or might be invested himself.

​Get in touch with Florian ​​now:

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