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​​About the ​goldgeldwelt founder

Florian Munsch

Editor, CEO

​​​Florian Munsch is passionate about finding the best Investment opportunities for himself and his readers. Since early 2015, when he started seeing a contrarian opportunity in the natural resources space, he ​​​proved great ​commitment ​by ​​investing most of his private money into companies covered on his website - both in private placements and buying in the open market.

​​He holds a Master of Science (M.Sc.) degree from the ​Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster, Germany, holds the CFA Institute's Investment Foundations certificate and ​did ​​additional training about the mining business at Australia's Curtin University.

As an accredited international ​journalist he ​visits major conferences in Europe, North-America and Australia​ and natural resources projects around the world.

He and his team regularly publish investment ​ideas for German, Austrian and Swiss investors on www.goldgeldwelt.de and on the goldgeldwelt YouTube channel.


​YouTube CEO Interviews

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Online marketing in German

​For publicly listed companies there are many reasons to spread the word​. You may want to share what you ​are doing and why investors should have a look at your company​. ​Is the value of your company fully recognized?

At goldgeldwelt, we are specialized ​in online publication services. This is what we ​do best, so this is what we focus on to help companies with their investor relations strategy.

​"Offline" Marketing in Europe

​In case you are interested in meeting investors personally at roadshows in different cities all over Europe, doing conference calls or presenting your company on ​stage:

We are very happy to connect you with our ​​expert IR/PR-network in europe, ​irrespectively of ​your interest in our own services. Just contact us via email to info[at]goldgeldwelt.de, we are happy to help you!

Ethical, high quality coverage

​Want to short-term push your stock and sell into liquidity? Sorry, we can't help you!

As an ethical information provider, an important part of our business conduct is delivering value to both: investors and the companies we ​work with. ​We are very transparent with conflicts of interest and we have absolutely no interest in short-term pushing stocks for whatever reason. This is why we only offer one-year coverage packages and regularly refuse PR-proposals by ​pure promoter companies. You might find the following table helpful to understand if ​the goldgeldwelt online marketing services are interesting for you:



​​High quality initial coverage and multiple follow-ups over the course of one year

​​Explaining readers the ​investment facts and show positive potential for future developments

​​​Share our own opinion about an investment. We love to share why we are excited about an opportunity

​​Short-term stock pushing and aggressive promotion

​​Misleading promises to readers like "This stock will ​definitely double within the next six months."

​​Direct buy recommendations. Our job is to inform and to inspire our audience, not to manage their speculative money

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